Kringle Case Study-1

A Patio and Garden with Sunset View

When Scott and Arlene Kringle moved into their home in Minneapolis, they wanted an outdoor space where they could sit and watch the sunset over Lake Nokomis. The goal was a peaceful patio within a landscape of green and flowering plants that look good but are low maintenance.


A Backyard Transformation

Tim and Jane Kretzmann’s backyard in the Longfellow neighborhood of Minneapolis was overgrown
with Hosta’s, shrubs, and unwanted weeds. At the time, their neglect was their dog’s joy, but the lack
of outdoor appeal, and a desire to spend more time outside prompted them to make changes.


Back to Nature in St. Paul

Sunny Didier was considering selling her home in East St. Paul as an ugly house because her yard had become what her friends called, “a jungle.” She was overwhelmed and struggled to find a company that could help her do it, while respecting her desire to nurturing it as a natural habitat


Twin Cities Couple is Over the Hill

These Minnehaha Falls Landscaping clients were tired of mowing their hillside lawn every week. Most homeowners would agree that this is one of the worst chores, ever! In addition to the weekly dread, the couple also wanted a safe way to traverse the hill, as changes in their mobility were occurring.


A Slippery Slope and Burnout Leads
to a Property Makeover

Angela Bushman says a lot of dominos went down at once on her large city lot in Minneapolis. A big ash tree fell victim to Emerald Ash Borer and had to be removed, along with all the shade it provided. The grass on one side of the front yard had turned brown from burning sun.


A Patio View at Sunrise and Sunset

The Tiffany home on Sunrise Lake in Blaine now has a front seat view of Sunset Bay. Nestled in a cozy channel that leads to the lake, Jone and Hal Tiffany wanted a little bit of beach and a patio to enjoy with family and friends. They also wanted easy access to launch their kayak, without having to walk over rocks and brush.