Garden designs, installation and
maintenance are a cornerstone of
our landscaping company.

We love to garden, in fact we’ve never met a garden we didn’t like. We plant sustainable gardens that are planned to keep weeds out and beauty in.

Formal gardens, annual flower boxes, woodland gardens, and shrub boarders are supported by healthy soils, native plants, pollinator friendly selections, and thoughtful designs.  Blooms are abundant in our gardens, sun and shade.

If your gardens are overgrown, you’ll love our garden recovery and maintenance team. We’ve tamed back the wildest overgrown yards and we’ve re-invigorated the most worn-out landscapes all with shovels, compost, and love.

Spring clean-ups, mulching, composting, transplanting, dead-heading, and fall clean-ups are all a part of our maintenance routine.  We would love the opportunity to share our love of gardening with you and your landscape.

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This might sound a little over the top for a dirt gardener, but I’ve been convinced that to truly learn to garden one must learn to listen to plants, they are biological encyclopedias of functional knowledge of health and abundance on Earth.
The primary foundation that makes possible the life we can all see around us from birds to bees to trees to people is the microbial soil-food-web, a vast unending network of microbial life supports and guides all life on Earth. Our job as growers is to create the right conditions for healthy soil microbiology to thrive.
Enchantingly beautiful, bees and butterflies are unfortunately ever more rarely seen.  The good news is...
Water flows over all of our landscapes. Rain gardens, healthy soils, native plants, ground covers,...
We love to help guide folks through the process of understanding how to manage lawns...
I started gardening with my mother when I was a kid on our family farm so I was always outside getting my hands dirty.
Land plants only evolved once the soil microbe community was relatively well-established.
How To: Food Forest, Land Grows Justice Standing in front of a classroom full of...
Worm bins are an easy way to help us grow health for our plants and...
Catching the BUZZ! Bees are our friends and allies, and right now they need our...

How We Work With YOU

At Minnehaha Falls Landscaping, we take a cooperative approach, developing the design concept together with our clients, tailoring the service according to their taste, needs and budget. We can design everything from patios, firepits, walkways, retaining walls, garden beds, raised beds to details such as fencing, screens, trellis, benches, plant containers and window boxes.

We prepare complete landscape installation plans and planting plans outlining plant varieties, numbers, spacing and plant care, followed by the sourcing and selection of plants and finally the setting out and planting of plants.

We work with a small selection of local nurseries to source the best possible plant specimens.

We love to talk!

Call 612-724-5454 or fill out the form below to set up a consultation or ask a garden question.

What folks are saying about us...

"I was thrilled at the results I got from Russ Henry. He's creative, and an impeccably professional landscaper. He knows gardening, and has always got a good idea for what to do with my garden. And not only that, but he's a whiz at creating beautiful patio spaces--his work and creativity allowed my family to enjoy our garden even more. Everyone who is looking for someone to help them figure out how to beautify and optimize their outdoor space should talk to Russ. You'll love the result. I certainly did!"


"They installed a butterfly garden along my fence where it was difficult to mow. The new garden immediately began teeming with pollinators of all sorts including monarch butterflies. I absolutely love watching the butterflies and bumble bees dance around the garden while I sit on my back deck. The plants grew enough to fill in the garden in less than one season because of the amazing compost and soil management."


“Thank you Minnehaha Falls Landscaping. Our experience could not be any better - the patio is AMAZING! We sit on the new patio every night and enjoy the landscaping, trees and shrubs. It really feels like a new room in the house. The best part was working with Carlos - he was very prompt, and we felt like he was a real expert. We do miss his smile.”


“Working with the team at Minnehaha Falls Landscaping has been a joy. I needed a master plan for my yard. I worked with Tom to let him know what I liked and my goals for a yard that is human, dog and pollinator-friendly. I now have a master plan and we have begun the work in stages. The dog run went in first and my dog loves it!”


“The Minnehaha Falls Landscaping does a great job with maintenance of the yard throughout the year. After years of shoveling and snow-blowing myself, it is so nice to know that my snow removal is taken care of and it saves my bad back! I would highly recommend working with the team at Minnehaha Falls Landscaping year-round.”


“I had a bunch of volunteer trees and bushes that I had cut back before I got the Minnehaha Falls Landscaping team involved. I needed help with the stump removal. I expected them to just come and remove the stumps and I’d deal with all the other smaller brush and cleanup. I was pleasantly surprised when I went out after they left thinking I would get going on my part, to discover they cleaned up the whole area and raked the ground as well! All I had to do was put down the mulch I already had on hand.”