Let’s create safe places for our pollinators

Bee Safe Minneapolis is our education and advocacy branch.  At Bee Safe, we connect with community by empowering, educating, and engaging people to grow healthier, safer landscapes and habitats for pollinators.  We work with people in schools, parks, churches, businesses, and communities to transform their landscapes. As a result, lives are improved because pollen is powerful for plant and food production, and it also helps make the outdoors beautiful. Bee Safe offers classes, presentations, and educational resources for all ages and experience levels.

Bee Safe Minneapolis allows us to cross pollinate our mission to grow healthy communities through healthy landscapes.  By reaching people of all ages with resources that encourage bee safe landscaping practices, we’re helping promote, preserve, and perpetuate pollinator friendly spaces throughout the Twin Cities.

We are a small group of dedicated organic landscapers and gardeners who are passionate about protecting pollinators.  Each year we educate over 1000 people in classes and presentations. And, our website and Soil Health Handbook have been vehicles for reaching tens of thousands more.

Bee Safe relies on our referral partners, Minnehaha Falls Landscaping and Giving Tree Gardens, to install bee safe, organic gardens and landscapes. Together we work to empower people to protect pollinators, beautify the landscape, and grow health from the ground up.


Let’s grow and maintain outdoor spaces that are beautiful, restorative, and safe for birds, people, pets, and pollinators.

Giving Tree Gardens is our supporting branch and is rooted in healthy soil. It is a business sprouted from the seeds of imagination!

Founded by Soil Health Specialist Russ Henry as a way to provide gardening services to residential and small business clients, Giving Tree Gardens has grown into a full-service organic gardening company.  We specialize in native plantings, butterfly and rain gardens, food forests, bee lawns, and organic lawn care.

Giving Tree Gardens grows long lasting relationships with clients who need an expert on their side.  We install and maintain high quality landscapes with ecologically friendly practices.  We never use pesticides!  If you’re gardens need a little TLC, we can help. We prune, mulch, pull weeds, divide plants, install annuals, and offer spring and fall clean-up.

Giving Tree Gardens relies on our foundation, Minnehaha Falls Landscaping, for landscape design, patios, walkways, retaining walls, and more.  And, our education and advocacy branch, Bee Safe Minneapolis, educates and empowers people throughout the Twin Cities to grow pollinator friendly landscapes. It all works together for you!