Minnehaha Remodeling is built on the foundation of Minnehaha Falls Landscaping, a company that has served the Twin Cities for over 60 years. We are led by green building principals, helping clients make wise investments that are as ecological as possible. We strive to buy local and build to last, with renewable materials.


Remodeling • Cabinetry • Trim • Ceramic and Stone tile • Custom doors • Bathrooms • Kitchens • Bedrooms

We will remodel your living spaces with creativity and craftsmanship, taking your vision and turning it into a tangible construction plan. From there, we will bring that plan to life with function and beauty, increasing the value of your home.


Fences • Decks • Pergolas • Seating areas • Steps and railings • Planters

Build an outdoor gathering space where you can relax and enjoy life.

High functioning, low maintenance landscape structures look great, and hold their value. They also increase your property values! Build these assets in your portfolio with Minnehaha Remodeling, our new construction branch! 

Contractor License #BC782593