At Minnehaha Falls Landscaping, we create sustainable, eco-friendly landscapes using water conservation, native plants, and organic soil management, enhancing your outdoor space and benefiting the environment.
Sun shining on blades of green grass in a lawn

Native Plants & Trees

Planting native plants and trees is one of the best ways to work with, rather than against, nature.

By matching plant species to your particular area you will have plants and trees that take less care and energy and will be healthier than exotic species.

Another benefit is that native birds, insects, and other wildlife have evolved with native plant species and are able to use the fruits, nectars and habitat these plants and trees provide.


Native Trees Installed


Native Plants Installed

How to Attract Pollinators with Native Gardening

Watch this presentation from the 2024 Dakota Gardeners Garden Club in Minnesota as pollinator plant expert Russ Henry, owner of Minnehaha Falls Landscaping, shares how to attract butterflies and bees to your yard and gardens with pollinator-friendly plants. These beautiful plants not only enhance your landscape but also support hundreds of vital pollinators essential to our food chain. The journey starts with healthy soil and culminates in protecting bees and butterflies, including our cherished Monarchs.