Founded by the Lindgren family in 1957, Minnehaha Falls Landscaping was placed in the hands of Russ Henry and Chesney Engquist, who purchased it in 2017. Russ and Chesney are continuing the tradition of service, quality, and community that Minnehaha Falls Landscaping customers have grown to expect.
Home with a very green and lush bee-garden in its front yard

About Minnehaha Falls Landscaping

Minnehaha Falls Landscaping creates outdoor environments that grow beauty, and support health and wellness. It is the foundation of Giving Tree Gardens and its community initiative, Bee Safe Minneapolis.

Together, we provide everything needed to create and maintain spaces for people and pollinators to come together, relax, and connect at home, in the school yard, and in the community.

As a business rooted in healthy soil, all soil and fertility products are scientifically managed to bring customers the very best. Russ and Chesney are proud to offer organic lawn care, low-impact gardening, and water-wise landscaping.

We are committed to ensuring that the natural beauty of Minnehaha Falls and the Twin Cities area will continue inspiring people for generations to come.

Our Story

On a sunny summer afternoon, Russ was volunteering at an event, sitting in the Walker Sculpture Garden talking with passersby about compost and worms. Chesney stopped to ask a few questions about compost and engage in a conversation about soil health.

Russ, being massively impressed by an attractive woman interested in soil, proceeded to ask Chesney to meet him for a beverage to discuss compost.

Chesney agreed and she must have been excited about the chance to get together too because she showed up for their first date one-week-early.

The fates wouldn’t let a little thing like timing stop a beautiful union and Chesney and Russ soon began a relationship that would grow like a well composted garden.

Since then they’ve traveled together, campaigned together, grown a business together, planted and cared for hundreds of gardens and landscapes together, and fallen more deeply in love with each passing year.

For Russ and Chesney, dirty hands and smiling faces are the hallmarks of happiness. “We are grateful and blessed to have the opportunity to grow health and happiness in our client’s landscapes. We are so grateful for our relationships with the people and families we’ve been fortunate to work with.”


Minnehaha Falls Landscaping is named for a local waterway and landscape that is so beautiful it attracts visitors from around the world. Beauty is what community forms around. Our goal is to grow and build beautiful spaces that people can live, laugh, and come together in. We understand that all beauty grows from nature.

Our landscapes are designed and managed to delight people and protect the environment. People find joy and satisfaction in a well-designed landscape, this invitation made of beauty is a doorway to health. Health is aesthetically appealing. We grow natural, organic landscapes free of chemical toxins. Ours has been a journey of learning both time tested, natural methods as well as cutting edge biological management techniques to deliver the highest quality, most attractive landscapes available.

Anything we do to take responsibility for the health of our little corner this planet is a gift we give for generations to come.

Russ Henry