75% of the world’s plants and 30% of human food crops depend on bees and other pollinators to reproduce, but many species are facing extinction.
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Bee eating from atop a purple and yellow flower

Encourage residents of your community to have a profound impact on bee health by transitioning from mowing and pesticides to a bee lawn.

Russ Henry is an author and presenter, founder of Bee Safe Minneapolis, and owner of Minnehaha Falls Landscaping. He presents for the Minnesota State Horticultural Society, and his presentations have been well received by foundations, garden clubs, the Minnesota Nursery and Landscape Association, The Minneapolis Home Show, churches, schools, colleges, businesses, organizations, government agencies and departments, and The Minnesota State Fair.

Russ has been featured in the Minneapolis Star Tribune and other publications around the country.

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A one-hour, no cost presentation is available to:

  • City and state governments
  • Health departments
  • Parks and recreation
  • Garden clubs
  • Schools Administrators
  • Sustainability departments
  • Community education programs
  • Community organizations
  • Churches
  • Businesses
Bee atop a white clover flower

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Other presentation topics include creation care, soil health, native plantings for sun or shade, and food forests.

Anything we do to take responsibility for the health of our little corner this planet is a gift we give for generations to come.”

– Russ Henry