Would you like a lawn that is safe for people, pets, and pollinators?
Neatly pedicured lawn with a lush rain garden

100% Pesticide-Free Lawns and Landscaping

Our lawn fertilizers are made from worm castings and compost. We never use any pesticides and instead we practice hand weeding and we help our clients grow thick, healthy lawns that push weeds out on their own.

Mowing, trimming, edging, fertility, weed control, spring and fall clean-up, aeration, over-seeding, lawn restoration, sod installation. At Minnehaha Falls Landscaping we help our clients grow health at home.

Click here and request a quote to find out if your lawn qualifies for a FREE SPRING CLEAN-UP! We’re offering a free spring clean-up for clients with qualifying lawns who sign up for a full season of mowing with our Lawn Care Special. In order to qualify for the Lawn Care Special your lawn must be within our mowing route area.

Bee on a dandelion in a grassy lawn