Minnehaha Falls Landscaping offers a full spectrum of styles, from classic to modern, subtle to sophisticated, and immaculate to verdant.

Serving commercial and residential clients, we’re proud that our work stands the test of time, providing space to gather, celebrate, and relax for decades to com

When we build a patio, walkway, retaining wall, or seat-wall, we:

  • Develop the design in a collaborative, on-site process
  • Select the highest quality materials that suit the style of the design
  • Keep the location of public utilities in mind for safety
  • Excavate, haul, and dispose all waste
  • Install drainage infrastructure for water management
  • Install compaction base materials for stability
  • Use screed sand for leveling
  • Backfill with polymeric sand or stone to prevent weeds
  • Repair all disturbed areas with seed or mulch
New stone pathway that leads between a fence and a home

Our landscape designers have endless ideas for your landscape materials and design. They can capture your vision with:

  • Natural flagstone
  • Cut and patterned stone
  • Cobblestone and brick
  • Permeable pavers for water smart landscaping
  • The latest and classic styles of concrete pavers.

The retaining walls we build are functional and beautiful, and the stone and modular block walls stand the test of time and support infrastructure.

Two-tiered rain garden that has been separated with retaining walls