Client Overview

Chris Dall and Christen Thompson spend a lot of time tending to their beautiful backyard landscape. After almost 20 years in their Edina home, and seasons of dragging chairs into a tucked away cove in the yard, they decided it was time to define their relaxation space with a patio.

“We talked all the time about putting in a patio, and doing it ourselves,” Chris said. “After spending five hours on yard work one Saturday, we decided we should hire a professional.” Christen and Chris searched for a landscaper and found one with an organic approach they found appealing, Minnehaha Falls Landscaping (MFL). 


“Our only challenge was realizing we couldn’t do it ourselves” Chris said with a chuckle. 


MFL gave Chris and Christen patio stone catalogs to shop. “At first we thought we should pick something to match the existing brick in our yard,” Chris explained. “But Christen spotted the Beacon Hill Flagstone — Bavarian Blend and liked it because it looks natural.” She said, “This is what we need to go with.” Chris and Christen ordered a multi-pack of stones in different shapes, and watched from the porch as a team of five from MFL meticulously installed the patio in just one day. Chris recalls, “We sat there and laughed about thinking we could have done it ourselves.” Chris also notes that the foreman suggested a small extension to what he and his wife had envisioned. “They extended the depth of the patio and wrapped the stone to the right and left at the end, and it looks great,” Chris said with appreciation. “MFL did exactly what we wanted to, at an affordable price and minimal disruption.”


Chris and Christen’s secluded, serene space is now defined with an attractive stone floor. “The patio is the exact size we wanted, and we can see all of our yard now,” Chris said. “We’re looking forward to having neighbors over and spending more time enjoying our backyard, instead of just doing yardwork.” 

“MFL did exactly what we wanted to, at an affordable price and minimal disruption.” - Chris Dall

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