Client Overview

Ryan and Meghan Lindberg have lived in their Highland home for three years, and it was time to spruce up their landscaping. They had a vision that included a retaining wall and native plants for feeding pollinators in their front yard, and a retaining wall for a raised flower garden in front of their backyard fence. An old concrete block pathway that ran halfway around the house needed to be replaced and a drainage issue that caused water to flow like an open faucet into their basement needed to be solved.



A 100-feet-tall basswood tree had been removed from the front yard, but its large stump remained. To achieve their front yard vision, Meghan and Ryan had to let go of hopes of working around it, and a stump grinder was called. The challenge of their drainage issue and associated mopping up the basement after a rain goes without saying!


Minnehaha Falls Landscaping’s Tom Danielson led the charge in installing drain tile, and reverting rainwater to a rain garden that was installed in the front yard. Jen Merth guided the selection of a variety of native plants, including mountain mint, cone flower, little blue stem, wild indigo, and one non-native hydrangea for the benefit of pollinators. Ryan says, “We really wanted to support pollinators.” The old concrete path was replaced with travertine pavers and St. Cloud granite, lined with Borcon™ edging, providing the look of patina. Ryan says, “We like the way it complements the travertine.” A retaining wall was built in front of the backyard fence, laying the groundwork for Ryan and Meghan to install plants in the spring. As avid gardeners, the couple also chose to plant their own natives at the top of front yard garden, reporting they had fun selecting plants and putting them in the ground.


The Lindberg’s are enjoying their new landscaping that they say is functional and looks great. And there are no more water faucet basement issues. Ryan proclaimed, “We’ve had a couple big rains since installation, proving the drain tile works!” Neighbors have stopped by to view and comment on the new front and backyard additions on the block. Ryan and Meghan are enjoying that more secluded space in anticipation of the added color that will grow next summer in addition to their vegetable garden. When asked what’s next for the backyard, Ryan replied, “A backyard patio!”

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