A Backyard Comes to Life After 40 Years

Client Overview

In 2020, Cindy Rasmussen and her husband, Dan Molitor installed a new deck on their 1915 Minneapolis home. This year, they decided to go beyond the deck and expand their outdoor living space to make use of the whole backyard, so they called Minnehaha Falls Landscaping (MFL). Cindy has a bit of a green thumb and wanted to have some fun accessorizing with plants, and she and Dan both wanted space to play with neighbor kids they’re close to.


“Our yard is oddly shaped, and the garage is dominant,” Cindy explained. And after 40 years of fighting weeds in the Ericsson neighborhood of Minneapolis, Cindy and Dan were ready to tackle the issue in a different way. “We tried to grow grass, but it’s hard to maintain here,” Cindy says. “We sodded three times, and it didn’t work, and we don’t want to use chemicals.” Cindy and Dan knew they needed to think outside the box on how to best utilize the space, and they wanted help doing it. So, they turned MFL for professional advice and vision that would help them overcome their backyard challenges.


A semi-circle patio design emerged and a Unilock paver system was installed. Cindy and Dan chose grey pavers that matched their deck, so the patio became an extension of that seating space. A border of a contrasting color was installed, again to match the charcoal and grey railings on the deck. An addition was made to the existing 10-year-old sidewalk, resulting in it looking like it was designed to go with the patio. Potted and bedded plants top off the space, along with a solar water feature that that can be controlled by blocking the sun. The beloved neighborhood kids are loving it, along with the bucket of bubble wands the honorary grandparents keep close at hand.


“It’s better than we ever expected” Cindy proclaimed. “Our new patio is high quality and worth the investment.” Cindy and Dan are enjoying changing things up, adding a canopy for shade when it’s hot and removing furniture to play catch on the patio. Cindy is happy to say, “We add a table when we have more guests, and I love the flexibility. We’re so happy with the responsive crew and all their good work.”

“Our new patio is high quality and worth the investment.”

– Cindy Rasmussen

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