New Patio Extends Entertainment Space

Client Overview

After 30 years in her Minneapolis home, Polly Jacobson was in the mood for a change in the outdoor landscape. She was growing tired of the Koi Pond she installed a few years ago and the surrounding rocks that made moving around the yard difficult on the feet. She said, “I wanted it all to be gone, so I could create a patio space for enjoying a glass of wine with my neighbors when the weather is nice.”


Polly says she didn’t encounter many challenges leading up to her landscaping project, other than the work of poking holes in the bottom of her pond to drain the water. She also removed a large shrub to make space for her new patio.


Minnehaha Falls Landscaping owner Russ Henry recommended a patio layout with grey and white stones to create the contemporary feel Polly was striving for. An adjacent garden space became part of the design, with shorter plants that would live in harmony with her outdoor sculptures.

Patio stones were laid to fit with a pre-existing border of bricks, and a garden of perennials was planted. Grasses were installed on the edge with the intention of them cascading over the sides. Polly’s new patio became an extension of her lovely three season porch, known as “the playhouse.”


Polly has enjoyed her first patio gathering with neighbors, wine, and a new fire stove, and because the sun doesn’t hit the patio until afternoon, she is enjoying outdoor mornings as well. “The new space is successfully operating as an extension of my home,” Polly reports. “It was a seamless process for me, and I really didn’t have to do anything, but stay out of their way and let them work. The Minnehaha Falls Landscaping crew was very good to work with.”

“The new space is successfully operating as an extension of my home.”

– Polly Jacobson

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