Minnehaha Falls Landscaping has been designing, installing, and maintaining landscapes in the Twin Cities for over 60 years. We honor and love our namesake, Minnehaha Falls a waterway and landscape that attracts visitors from around the world.

In honor of Minnehaha Creek and all the people, plants, and animals who rely on it, our designs are environmentally sustainable, eco-friendly, useable, livable, and most importantly, enchantingly beautiful.

Our design backgrounds combined with our soil health and ecosystem management expertise give our landscapes the advantages of longevity, vibrancy, and beauty while protecting the beloved Minnehaha Falls for our children and grandchildren.

The Earth is a magnificent living system that we work collaboratively with to ensure our landscape designs last, provide, and protect the natural beauty of our shared home. Water management on client sites is essential. Keeping the basement dry and ensuring water flows away from the foundations of buildings is the first priority. Equally as important is diverting rain water to swales, rain-gardens, and specialized drains that can slow, cool, and filter the water before it enters local waterways.

Soil health = water health. When we install a garden or plant a tree, we utilize our soil health training to inoculate plants with a healthy soil ecosystem that will grow along with the roots of the plants, providing nutrients and protection from plant diseases. We prepare garden sites with compost and wood mulch and we encourage the use of deeply rooter native plants that feed birds and pollinators in our landscape designs.

We work to grow beauty in the Twin Cities, keep the creek running clean, and protect Minnehaha Falls for generations to come.