Pollinator Pathways: Why Hire Local Landscapers For Your Bee-Friendly Yard

Bee-Friendly Yards
Bee on a flower in a bee-friendly garden

Bee-friendly yards are more than a trend; they support Minnesota’s local ecosystem. Bees play a crucial role in pollinating plants, which is essential for crop growth and the survival of many native plant species.

There are a lot of threats to bee populations today, including the increased use of pesticides, climate change, and habitat loss. At Minnehaha Falls Landscaping, we’re deeply committed to providing pollinator pathways where our local bees can thrive.

“Currently, five out of the 23 species of native bumblebees in Minnesota are considered vulnerable, endangered or critically endangered.” – Minnesota State Horticultural Society.

If you’re curious about transforming your garden into a haven for bees, it’s best to hire local landscapers like Minnehaha Falls Landscaping to do the job. Here’s why:

Why Hire Local Landscapers to Design Your Bee-Friendly Yard?

  1. We Understand Local Flora and Fauna. As local landscapers, we know the plants and flowers native to Minnesota, including those best suited for your garden’s soil type, our climate, and local pollinating populations. Our work provides bees with the nectar and pollen sources they’re naturally adapted to!
  2. We Know How to Create Sustainable Gardens. Creating a bee-friendly garden involves more than just planting flowers. It requires a sustainable approach to landscaping that starts with soil health and includes organic materials, water conservation, and eco-friendly pest control. We’re practitioners of the best sustainable practices, including the ideal MN bee lawn mix. We’ll help design and plant a low-maintenance garden that supports bee health while remaining environmentally responsible.
  3. We Source Locally. By sourcing from suppliers who grow MN native plants from seed, we guarantee genetic diversity and strength in our plant stock. Moreover, native plants and flowers support other local wildlife, promoting biodiversity in your garden.
  4. We Offer Ongoing Maintenance and Support. Gardening isn’t a one-time task but an ongoing process that requires attention, maintenance, knowledge, and care. We’re readily available to provide ongoing support, whether it’s seasonal planting,  weed control, or advice on low-maintenance garden care. Our Minnesota roots mean we have quick response times and consistent follow-up, ensuring your bee-friendly garden continues to flourish year after year.
  5. We Customize Strategies. Every garden is unique, and so are its requirements for becoming bee-friendly. We address specific challenges your space may face. We’ll identify the best plants to attract and support local bee species, create habitats that provide shelter and nesting sites, and implement practices that enhance your garden.
  6. We Bring More Than Bees. At Minnehaha Falls Landscaping, we love wildlife! The keystone species we install support and attract butterflies, moths, hummingbirds, and hundreds of MN native pollinators.

Bee on a flower in a bee friendly yard

Bee Friendly Garden vs Lawn: What’s the Difference

Both options are designed to address the needs of local pollinators but differ in design, plant composition, maintenance, and overall function. Here’s a comparison to help you decide which one you want:

Bee Friendly Lawn

Design and Composition:

  • Mixture of Grass and Low-Growing Flowering Plants: Typically includes grasses mixed with flowering low-growing perennials.
  • Aesthetic: Charming appearance and functions like a traditional lawn but with a more diverse plant mix that flowers at different times, providing a steady source of nectar and pollen.


  • Low Maintenance: Enjoy less mowing, watering, and fertilizing than traditional lawns.
  • Pollinator Support: Provides continuous forage for bees and other pollinators through the growing season.
  • Soil Health: Diverse plant roots improve soil structure and health.
  • Sustainable: Reduces the need for chemical inputs like fertilizers and pesticides.

Bee Friendly Garden

Design and Composition:

  • Dedicated Garden Space: Typically has a variety of flowering plants, shrubs, and sometimes small trees that attract and support pollinators.
  • Aesthetic: More varied in height, color, and texture than a bee lawn.


  • Pollinator Habitat: Provides an abundant and diverse source of nectar and pollen.
  • Biodiversity: Encourages a more diverse ecosystem by attracting different pollinators, birds, and beneficial insects.
  • Visual Appeal: Offers a beautiful and dynamic garden space that changes throughout the seasons.

Ultimately, it depends on your space and aesthetic preferences. Both options are excellent ways to support pollinators and contribute to a healthier ecosystem.

What is a Pollinator Pathway?

A pollinator pathway is a network of gardens and green spaces providing safe, nourishing habitats for bees, butterflies, birds, and insects. These pathways connect fragmented habitats, allowing creatures to move freely and safely through urban, suburban, and rural areas.

The goal is to create continuous, pesticide-free zones that offer abundant food sources and nesting sites, thereby supporting the health and survival of pollinator populations.

What Makes Minnehaha Falls Landscaping Different?

Since 1957, we’ve supported communities with our steadfast vision and values for a vibrant Minnesota. Our soil and fertilization products are scientifically managed to yield stellar results without pesticides, and our range of services includes everything from bee lawns, native plant gardens, and food forests to patios, walkways, retaining walls, decks, and fences.

We emphasize sustainable and eco-friendly practices in everything we do, including organic landscaping methods, to reduce environmental impact and promote biodiversity. We never use pesticides, chemicals, or other harmful components frequently found in landscaping.

Learn more about our process.

Give Your Minnesota Garden an Important Purpose

Transforming your garden supports our local environment and enhances your outdoor space. With our expertise, your Minnesota yard will be bursting with native plants that flourish with sustainable practices and account for the growing needs of local bee populations.

Invest in your garden, your community, and the future of our planet by hiring Minnehaha Falls Landscaping for your bee lawn.

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