Natural Landscape Design with a Client Focus


You step out into the privacy of your backyard landscape, enveloped in a world of comfort, health, and charm. Birds sing to welcome you, butterflies flutter by on the breeze as you relax in your favorite chair on the patio.

There are hundreds of landscape designers in the Twin Cities. Finding the right Twin Cities landscape designer for you is a matter of determining your priorities. We visit hundreds of clients per year for on-site consultations as a part of our landscape design process. When we meet with folks on-site we find that some themes have emerged and stayed steady over the many years we’ve been in business. Custom, low-maintenance, affordable, eco-friendly landscape designs are the new standard for Twin Cities landscapes.


Clients must come first for a successful landscape design process. When a landscape designer meets with you on-site, they get a chance to get to know you, your needs, and the features and scale of your landscape.

Too often landscape designers put their ego-first, telling clients they need to “wipe the slate clean.” Landscape designers that instead are trained to look for the assets on a property can save clients thousands of dollars while maintaining functionality and achieving a customized aesthetic. Landscape designers need to also know how to spot the liabilities on a property. Long lasting landscape designs transform potential hazards into solutions.

No two landscapes are alike, and no two clients are exactly alike. Excellence in landscape design is achieved by listening to clients to bring beauty, function, and balance to the landscape.

Low Maintenance:

Landscape designs that require high maintenance are a thing of the past. Nobody has hundreds of hours per year to invest in a landscape design that requires maintenance. Landscape designs that incorporate low-maintenance concepts such as reduced lawn sizes, increased natural areas, native plantings, no-mow bee lawns, and reforesting the landscape.

A thoughtful landscape design always incorporates a space for people to relax and gather. Patios, walkways, seat walls, pergolas, decks, and porches are a consideration for every landscape designer.


Landscape designs that meet the needs of property owners and the ecosystem need to be affordable so that more people are empowered to grow health and beauty at home.  While paying for a process is important to ensure that the landscape designers and crew that work on your property are fairly compensated, landscape designs still need to be affordable. Buyer beware of landscape designers that charge exorbitant rates, instead look for a landscape designer that will tell you their rate structure up front and compare that number to other local landscape designers.


Global ecosystem challenges require local landscape design solutions. Carbon sequestration, water infiltration, keystone native plant species, and pollinator habitat are the new standards for landscape designers everywhere. No longer do we look for landscape designs featuring palatial lawns extending into the sunset, instead modern landscape designs must have a planetary health focus. When every property owner designs their landscape to meet the needs of their family and the environment, the world will be a healthier, happier, lovelier place.

As the education and advocacy branch, we work with community partners to create safe places for our pollinators, one garden, yard, business, school, church, conversation at a time. We know that together, we can build the buzz! Learn More
As the construction branch of Minnehaha Falls Landscaping, we build outdoor decks, steps, railings, pergolas, fences, and planters. When it gets colder, we step inside to remodel living spaces with creativity and craftsmanship, including cabinetry. Learn More
As the gardening branch, we work within your landscape to grow plants, flowers, shrubs and woodland gardens that are beautiful, restorative, and safe for birds, people, pets, and pollinators. We also install bee-friendly lawns and do spring and fall clean-up. Learn More

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