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Step outside and onto a new patio this summer. We stay busy all season designing and building patios to make our clients home landscapes feel more welcoming and inviting. After dozens of years of patio installation experience, we have some advice for people searching for Twin Cities patio installers. Here are some things to look for when thinking about your patio installation.

  • Patio installers are not all alike. You’ll want to get to know your patio installation team. How many years of patio installation experience? Is there a landscape architect on the patio design team? Can they utilize any patio pavers available on the market? Do they make natural stone, classic brick, and concrete paver patios? Do they have examples of patio construction or other hardscaping that they’ll share? Addresses to visit patios, walkways, and retaining walls?
  • Find out if your potential patio installer uses industry best practices. Will they build a 6-inch compacted gravel base under your new patio? Do they use a snap-edge or other border to keep the pavers in place for years to come? Will your patio builder use polymeric sand to fill in the cracks between pavers and stone?
  • Patios work best when they fit into a larger landscape design. Will your patio have patio plantings to dress up the space? Will the patio attach to a walkway? Does your new patio include a seat-wall or patio fire place? Is this the most creative patio installer near me?
  • Patio installation has certain built-in challenges. Make sure your patio installation company is ready to handle the challenges. Does your patio installation and design team include a project manager? Will your patio designer or project manager be available to discuss your patio installation as the patio is being built? Do your patio paver and stone patio materials vendors have material to cover my patio installation?

Modern patios are designed with large-format patio pavers or natural stone. We also love classic brick patios or cut stone patio designs to accompany the right landscapes and homes.

A thoughtfully designed, well-built patio is foundational to every good landscape design. Get to know your patio installer or patio designer by asking them as much as you can about your patio before you choose a company. When it comes to patio installation, information is power. Become empowered in your patio design process by understanding the basics about your patio installers and how they accomplish successful patio design and installation.

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