Snow Removal

It’s the middle of the night, there’s a blizzard dropping 2-3 inches of snow per hour, it’s 3 degrees outside, and there’s no end to the storm in sight….. where are you?

Hopefully in these types of conditions that Minnesota winters have to offer you’ll be tucked away in a warm bed sleeping comfortably while the storm rages on. Even as comfort surrounds most of us through winter storms, there are a few brave souls who see a blizzard coming and get ready to go to work.

Snow removal work tests the endurance, organizational capacity, and skills of anyone who attempts to make a living at it. Minnesota weather has no limit to the surprises it can send our way. Rain turning to snow? Sure. Snow then freezing rain on top of it? Absolutely. Drifting snow covering cars and doorways? Youbetcha! As a company engaged in snow removal work, we have to be ready to accept surprises on a grand scale.

It takes a special kind of strength and endurance to work 12+ hour shifts moving snow in cold, wet, windy conditions. The crew at Minnehaha Falls Landscaping is strong, smart, and capable. Not just every laborer out there can handle the challenges of snow removal. When TV weather reporters tell everyone to stay at home and stay inside, our crews pack a lunch and head in to the office to gear up and clear our client’s properties.

In April of 2018 the Twin Cities received it’s 3rd deepest recorded snow event and the deepest snow event our company has worked. It snowed for 3 days straight and left a total of 14-18 inches of powder on our client’s properties. Working around the clock our crews were out clearing the snow during the storm and afterwards until all our properties were clean. The depth of gratitude that I felt for my amazing crew as they worked alongside me all those long hours was far deeper than any snowfall could cover up.

Over the years we’ve learned and retained valuable lessons. Honoring our crew so they can do their best work, keeping the equipment ready, having plenty of backup equipment, smart routing, training, helpful technology, and lots of high energy snacks and water for crews as they push their bodies through harsh conditions.

Of course, like everybody, we prefer it when it snows in moderation. Old man winter however sometimes has other plans and our team is glad to be geared up, organized, and ready to work whenever the snow starts falling. Until the next storm we’ll be sharpening our shovels, shining up our plows, and changing the oil in our snow-blowers so that when the next blizzard hits you can sleep in while we take care of the white stuff.