Walkway Installation vs Walkway Repair

“We ourselves must walk the path”Buddha

While walking the path toward a new landscape installation, many come to a fork in the road. Should we spring for a new walkway installation, or attempt a walkway repair? We don’t just talk the talk, Minnehaha Falls Landscaping is a walkway installation company based in Minneapolis, MN that has over 65 years’ experience walking the walk when it comes to walkway installation and walkway repair.

Trust the Path

The first step toward a perfect walkway installation or walkway repair is build trust with a local walkway installer. Start by asking, who are the best walkway installers near me? Finding a walkway installation team that you can trust is easier than it may seem. A few good questions to ask yourself when considering a walkway installation or walkway repair company: Does this walkway installer offer many options for materials? Can the walkway installer build natural stone walkways? Concrete paver walkways? Will this walkway installation company use gravel to create a base for the walkway?

Natural Paths

 "I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees" —Henry David Thoreau

Surround yourself in nature by choosing a walkway design that will incorporate native plantings. Local walkway designers should know how to use local, native plants in their areas. When walkway designs incorporate native plantings, the beauty of nature is part of every day. Meander past the fluttering butterflies and hummingbirds every day of the growing season with a walkway design that includes native plants. Walkway designs are only limited by the imagination of the walkway designer. Find a walkway designer that will use native plants to create a walking path design filled with daily delights.

A Strong Foundation

Many local walkway installers cut corners by reducing or eliminating important foundation base material. Walkway installers should always offer a path with or without base and they should be clear about what you are getting. If you choose a walkway installation that includes a base, make sure the walkway installation team is using a crushed gravel or concrete base material and that they are compacting it thoroughly several times during the installation process. Walkways need a well compacted base to prevent shifting of pavers or stones that would require a walkway repair. If the walkway installation company you are considering doesn’t offer an option for a solid, compacted gravel base, it may be time to walk on to the next walkway design and installation company.